Windows 11 Heres How To Run Android Apps Games

New Delhi: Windows 11 was released last week, bringing with it a slew of changes and improvements to Microsoft’s operating system, both in terms of visual and performance enhancements. While users have been able to try out the majority of the new features after updating, the most significant change that has still to arrive is support for running Android apps on Windows, a function that Microsoft has yet to activate. While many gamers wait for the functionality, Windows 11 users can run Android apps right immediately, employing some of the same methods that Windows 10 users rely on, until Microsoft switches on the option to play Android apps in a future update.

While Windows 11 will eventually include support for Android apps on the desktop without the need for an emulator, and performance should be higher than using an emulator, users who need to run Android apps right immediately can utilise these programmes until Microsoft adds support for Android apps. However, given that the new Windows 11 version was only launched a week ago, customers may encounter issues.Also Read: Nitin Gadkari wants Tesla to manufacture cars in India, warns against China-made cars


Without mentioning Bluestacks, which will celebrate its tenth anniversary tomorrow, October 11, no discussion on Android emulators would be complete. This emulator has become the most popular software and game emulator on Windows over the years, allowing users to control their gaming experience with a mouse and keyboard. Users may use their desktop to play games like Battlegrounds Mobile India and Asphalt 9, as well as access apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, and others.Also Read: 7th Pay Commission: THESE Central govt employees get promotion with a salary hike of Rs 15,000 per month


If you’ve tried Bluestacks but discovered that it doesn’t work properly on your computer, you might try downloading NoxPlayer, which allows you to run many programmes simultaneously on your computer. This means you may use the Instagram app alongside WhatsApp and the Amazon app if you wish. You can also use your keyboard and mouse inside these apps if you want to, making it a wonderful choice if you want to play a few games.

Android Studio

This one is now as fast or as efficient as the other two. The service, which is only available to developers, allows users to test features such as gesture simulation and accelerometer and gyroscope simulation, which can be useful when testing your own app if you’re a developer. Users should be aware, however, that while this emulator is not great for gaming, it may be used to test out apps on their computer.

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