No Matter What Ill Always Support You

“Micheal, you’re getting dirt all over the floor!”, was what Ranboo woke up to that morning, sun streaming through the mansion windows into their eyes. Shaking their head and sitting up in bed, they soon saw what had caused the outburst from their husband, Tubbo- their adopted zombie piglin son, Micheal, was attempting to eat dirt out of the flowerpot in the pair’s shared room.

They swiftly got up out of their bed and rushed over to pick up their son from the floor, holding him in their arms. “No, Micheal, you can’t eat dirt,” they gently scolded.

“Aw, Boo, that wasn’t the problem, I just didn’t want him getting dirt on the floor,” Tubbo replied. Tubbo was the more reckless parent of the two, even once taking Micheal to go test out a nuclear weapon as a “learning experience.”

“Alright, if you say so,” Ranboo replied, sighing. Tubbo had already gotten out a dustpan and broom and was cleaning up the mess, already dressed and ready for the day.

Once the mess was cleaned and Micheal was placated with a book, Ranboo said, “I’m going to get dressed and make breakfast, but I’m going to be going over to Eret’s in the afternoon. Are you free to watch Micheal then?”

“Yeah, boss man, I was thinking about taking him on a walk in the Nether anyways, he wants to play with the other piglin children again, don’t you Micheal?”

The small piglin looked up from the picture book he was reading, nodding. He knew some Common, but was mainly non-verbal, instead of using short words in Piglin and sign language.

“Alright then, that’s good,” Ranboo said, smiling down at their family. Tubbo picked up Micheal and took him downstairs to get him dressed and prepared for breakfast, while upstairs, Ranboo changed out of the t-shirt and shorts they usually wore to sleep in, and into their usual suit jacket, vest, and button-up shirt. Today, though, instead of their dress pants, they wore a black and white calf-length pleated shirt, with a little red ribbon tied into a bow around their neck instead of their usual crimson tie. Pinning a brooch with a purple gem in the center of their ribbon, they went downstairs to prepare breakfast for the rest of their family. Waffles would be nice, they thought, remembering they had the ingredients for the batter.

When they arrived at the kitchen, Tubbo had already set out some plates and fruit as a side dish for breakfast. Their husband wasn’t the best at cooking (Ranboo remembered the time the family had tried to have a cookout), but he tried his best.

They soon prepared the batter and waffle maker, and cooked the waffles to a golden brown, before placing them on the plates and bringing them out to the small dining room outside of the kitchen for Tubbo and Micheal.

“So, Ranboo, you said you were going to Eret’s?” Tubbo asked as he began eating the food.

“Yeah, I wanted to ask them more about pronouns and stuff. You know, we never really had gendered pronouns in Ender, just singular and plural,” they said, helping their son cut up his waffle.

“Huh, I didn’t know that. You’re just going over to the main SMP, to visit them in their castle?”

“Yeah, I am, don’t worry. I won’t be gone long,” Ranboo replied.

As the family finished their meal, Ranboo heard a notification on their communicator, pulling the brick-like device out of their pocket. The things were large and bulky, but they were the only method of communication that worked throughout the whole of the SMP, even the Nether. Ranboo wasn’t quite sure how they worked, as Sam had designed them, but they were pretty sure it had to do with some sort of electromagnetic frequency, similar to a radio, but for text. They were all assigned the same basic one when they moved to the server, but most members had customized theirs, Ranboo’s being painted half-black, half-white, with a charm of a bee that Tubbo had given them.

When Ranboo looked, they saw it was from Eret, saying, “Hey, I just got up, you can meet me at the castle now!”

Ranboo typed back, “Sure, be there in 10 minutes”, before typing to Tubbo where they were going, then tucking the communicator into their skirt pocket.

They walked through the house to the front entrance, where a new chandelier, to replace the one destroyed by Tubbo and his friend Tommy’s antics, was being built. This one was entirely under the jurisdiction of Ranboo and Tubbo however, after Foolish explained how hard it was for him to build it.

Pulling on their boots for the snow, Ranboo opened the large front door of the manor and slipped outside, blinking as the sun reflecting off the snow shone into their bi-colored eyes.

As they walked over to the entrance of the fast-travel tunnel, they began to wonder specifically what Eret had invited them over about. They knew that they wanted to talk about pronouns, but they were rather new to the idea of pronouns besides he, she, or they. They were excited to learn though, in a nervous way. Nervously excited? They brushed aside these swarming thoughts as they put on their armor to protect themselves from the water, before aiming their trident and flying through.

The fast-travel tunnel was always such an odd experience, it wasn’t quite flying, but it wasn’t quite swimming either. It got the job done of connecting the far-north Snowchester to the main SMP however, which Ranboo soon arrived in as they shot out of the end, landing awkwardly in the grass.

Yup, they needed to get better at preparing for that landing.

Shaking their head and getting up from the grass, resisting the urge to take a block for comfort, they began to make their way over to the Prime Path and Eret’s castle. When they arrived, they gazed up at the large stone building, rainbow detailing apparent in portions carved out from the main stone walls.

“Hey, Ranboo! You’re here,” Eret called, walking to the entrance, causing the Ender hybrid to perk up their head.

“Yeah, I had a bit of a rough landing from the fast-travel tunnel, but I’m here. Glad to see you again,” they replied, fidgeting with the ribbon tied around their neck.

“Here, come in. We’ll go to the library to discuss what you wanted to talk about, I can make some tea,” Eret responded, inviting her guest inside.

“Thanks, that’s nice,” Ranboo replied as the pair went inside into the main castle. It was mainly stone, with some spruce floors, and had one of the largest libraries in the SMP, rivaling Tubbo and Ranboo’s.

As they entered the library, Eret told Ranboo to go sit over in the corner, where a small table was set beside a large window with a crimson cushioned seat. If any place could be described as both regal and cozy, the castle’s library would be it.

A few moments later, Eret returned with some tea, placing it down on the table. “You can drink tea, right Ranboo? I’m not quite sure if the Ender water sensitivity applies to other liquids besides water.”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure I can. I’ve had milk before, and I can go in lava with a fire-resistance potion, so I think I’ll be fine,” they responded, before taking a small sip. As expected, the liquid didn’t burn their mouth as normal water would.

“Ah, good. I wouldn’t want to accidentally hurt you,” Eret replied, sitting down on the seat beside Ranboo.

“So, what exactly did you want to talk about today with me?” they asked.

“Uh, so remember how back at the ball you said something about there being more pronouns than just he, she, or they? Well, I’d like to learn about those.”

“Oh, neopronouns? Of course, I can teach you about those, here, I have a book about that right here,” Eret said, going over to a bookshelf to where he plucked out a leather-bound book from the shelf.

“And also, how do I tell people besides Tubbo, Micheal, and Tommy that I’m non-binary? I mean, I didn’t even tell Tommy directly, I just asked Tubbo to tell him,” Ranboo asked, thinking back on Tommy’s aggressive support after Tubbo relayed the information that his partner was non-binary.

“Well, I’m not sure if this is exactly what you’d want, but we could send a message on the main communicator channel to tell everybody?” Eret replied, returning with the book they had picked out.

“Yeah, I think that’d work, I want to learn more about these first though,” Ranboo said, gesturing to the book.

“Oh, yeah, of course! So basically, neopronouns are any set of pronouns besides she/her, he/him, or they/them, used to refer to oneself. This book has a big list of them, see?” Eret said, flipping open to the first page.

Scanning through the first page, a set caught Ranboo’s eye. Ae/aer. Those actually sound kind of nice, they thought.

“H-hey, would you mind using some of these for me? Like, to try them out I guess?” they asked Eret.

“Oh yeah, of course, no problem. Which ones were you thinking?” she replied.

“Um, ae/aer?” Ranboo replied, picking at the fabric of their skirt.

“Okay. This is my friend Ranboo, I invited aer over today. I found out that ae can drink tea. I really like that skirt of aers. Does that help?”

Oh, wow. Ranboo felt the same euphoria that coursed through their body as when ae first tried on a dress, or when ae was first referred to with they/them pronouns.

“I actually really like those,” they replied, looking away. “Also, thanks for the compliment about my skirt,” ae continued.

“Would you like to try anymore?”, Eret said, flipping through the book.

“Um, sure. Wait, stop there, I saw some I want to try using,” Ranboo said, as another set caught aer attention.

“Oh, which ones?”, Eret asked, stopping on the page that the Ender hybrid had pointed out.

“Uh, those ones, right there. Voi/void/voids,” Ranboo said, pointing to the pronouns on the page.

“Alright, sure. This is Ranboo, voids favorite flower is alliums. Voi lives in Snowchester with Tubbo and Micheal. I really like talking to void!”

“Yeah, I like those a lot too. Is there a name for when you get the thing when you’re super happy when you’re referred to with the pronouns you want, or when you present in a way that matches with your gender?” Ranboo asked.

“There is actually, it’s called gender euphoria,” Eret replied, happy to answer any questions Ranboo had about their gender. Eret had to go through the journey mostly alone before they came to the SMP, so they were glad to help anyone else.

“Oh wow, that’s cool. Now I actually have a name to explain it to Tubbo with,” Ranboo replied, voids bi-colored green and red eyes lighting up.

“There was one more question I had though. So basically, Ender, the language doesn’t have gendered pronouns. And basically, when I translated them into Common, it comes out as End/Ends. I really like being referred to that way, so, could I still use those as well?”

“Of course you can, Ranboo,” Eret replied with a smile.

“You know, after all this, it’s really nice to know that I wasn’t messed up or broken or anything. I mean, this whole thing with discovering my gender identity literally just came from the fact that I nearly always wear a suit,” End said.

“Oh, really? I haven’t heard the story, would you mind telling me, if you’re comfortable?” Eret replied.

“Yeah, basically when the gala came around, I realized that I didn’t have any formal clothes, because I always wear a suit. So I asked Tubbo, and he recommended wearing a dress. I actually thought he was joking at first, you know? But I’m glad I listened to him and tried it on. Because now, I finally get to be me,” Ranboo said, tearing up slightly at the acceptance they had received.

Eret quickly used her cape to wipe away the tears before they fell onto Ranboo’s cheeks, before replying, “It’s nice, isn’t it, to finally live as you are.”

“Yeah, it is. I-I think I want to tell the rest of the SMP. With your idea on the comms.”

“Alright, if you feel comfortable doing that. Just know that no matter what happens, there will always be people that love and support you, including me. Do you need any help typing out what you’re going to say?”, he replied.

“No, I’m good,” the tall hybrid said as ae began typing into the communicator. Soon enough, Eret heard the notification ping on their comm, and picked it up and switched to the main SMP channel to see what Ranboo had written.

It read, Hi, it’s Ranboo, and I have something to tell you guys. I am non-binary, and my pronouns are they/them, ae/aer, voi/void, and End/Ends. Being non-binary is different for every non-binary person, but for me, it means that I don’t identify as either male or female. If you have any questions, please ask me. Thanks for reading, I hope you have a good day.

Eret watched as supportive messages began flowing through the chat:

Tubbo_: yay you told everyone ily 😀

TommyInnit: of course i support you big person and will be fucking murdering anyone who doesn’t

Nihachu: Thanks for telling us Ranboo

FoolishG: Glad you could tell us this, ofc i support you

Technoblade: That’s awesome kid

Philza: Glad to hear that, mate!

CaptainPuffy: I’m so glad you felt comfortable to tell us this Ranboo, I’ll always support you.

“Wow, I- uh, wasn’t expecting this good of a response,” Ranboo said, smiling down at voids comm.

“Trust me Ranboo, even if some of the people on this server are assholes, they’re not going to be transphobic,” Eret replied.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” ae said, scrolling through Ends private messages.

They had received one from Tubbo, saying so glad you were able to come out to the rest of the server, also glad that i didn’t have to steal anyone’s organs :DDD

There was also one from Fundy, saying hey, i know we haven’t talked in a while, but i’m trans as well. if there’s any questions you need answered, feel free to ask!

“Ranboo, it’s like I said. No matter what, people who actually care about you are going to support you,” Eret said.

“Yeah, you’re right,” voi replied, smiling. Things were going to be okay. They had good friends, and a wonderful husband and son. The server voi lived in accepted aer for who they were. Despite aer problems, End finally felt like they were home. Yeah, things would definitely turn out alright. Even if there were some problems along the way.