MahrSIP 1002M 40000001 ULM Laser Universal Length Measuring Machine

Mahr/SIP – 1002-M – 40″/.000001″ ULM Laser Universal Length Measuring Machine

Original scales are still in place, however this unit had been upgraded to an HP Laser interferometer based system (5528a)

We will require a rigger for shipping, this is extremely heavy. We can provide a cost at that point

Includes the Vidmar/Lista Workbench, working table (as pictured), measuring probes for internal measurements (ring gages)

End user will need to be familiar with aligning/positioning the laser relative to the optics.

Please email if you have any questions or would like to speak with someone in person. Find us at Bullseye Calibration in Bloomfield, CT to discuss the machine.


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