Israel Palestine Conflict 5 Celebrities Who Spoke

The Israel Palestine conflict has shaken the world. The heart-wrenching visuals from the clashes are doing rounds on the internet leaving us dumbstruck.
The news of violence and deaths due to the political and military unrest hasn’t come to an end yet. Amidst the disturbance, several Indian and international celebrities have raised their voice against the ghastly situation and condemned the act of terror.

Here are 5 celebrities who have spoken up against the Israel Palestine conflict
1. Swara Bhasker
Swara Bhasker is an actor who is always vocal about the social and political issues happening in the country. This time too, she took a stand to condemn violence. She took to her Twitter handle to speak up on the matter and said that the cause of Palestine and Palestine and justice for Palestinians is not just an Islamic issue. It is an anti-imperialist, anti-colonial and anti-apartheid cause. This is why it should concern everyone irrespective of their religion, she added.

The actor also shared a picture from a 2010 Asia to Gaza solidarity march. In another picture, she can be seen holding the Palestinian flag and showing the ‘much deserved’ middle finger to the Israeli ‘wall’.

2. Nora Fatehi
Bollywood actor-dancer Nora Fatehi took to her Instagram stories to express her concern over how the people of Palestine are suffering endlessly. She also mentioned that no one gets to choose whose human rights are more important than the others. “One cannot advocate for racial equality, LGBT and women’s rights, condemn corrupt and abusive regimes and other injustices, yet choose to ignore Palestinian oppression. It does not add up”, she wrote.

In another story, Fatehi shared a pamphlet calling for a protest against the Israeli forces who have been forcing Palestinians out of their own abode. She stated that the primary purpose behind the protest was to bring unjust violence to an end. She also stressed on the fact that the violence against the citizens of the state is unacceptable.

3. Mahira Khan
Speaking about the Israel Palestine conflict, popular Pakistani actor Mahira Khan, who made her Bollywood debut with the movie Raees said the situation was ‘heartbreaking’. She termed the attacks as ‘barbaric’. In another tweet, Khan urged her followers to call out the attacks and ‘call it what it is’…’terrorism’.

4. Saba Qamar
The Hindi Medium actor Saba Qamar took to her Twitter handle to support the Palestinians who are suffering. She stated that the terrorism should stop. Qamar further added that what is happening is horrible and heart wrenching. In a second tweet, the actor said, ‘You will not erase Palestine’ and confirmed that her country stands with Palestine.

5. Rihanna
Netizens criticised the Barbadian singer Rihanna for taking a ‘neutral stance’ against the Israel Palestine conflict. On Thursday, she posted a note on her Instagram handle which stated that several innocent lives have been lost on both sides.

She said that there needs to be some kind of resolve. “We are sadly watching innocent people fall victim to notions perpetuated by government and extremists, and this cycle needs to be broken”, she added.

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