IPhone XXSXR Wireless Charging Not Working On IPhone XXS MaxXR Fixed

iPhone Wireless Charging Not Working Problems & Fixes
Q1. iPhone X inductive charging paused repeatedly
“Today I get the iPhone X, all excited to try charge iPhone X wirelessly… Only to find that it’s not working on iPhone X. When I place the phone on the on the charger pad, it just keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. Am I the only one experiencing iPhone X wireless power paused problem? How to fix it?” Guess you have tried removing the charger pad, disabling and re-enabling wireless charging… Below are some other tricks. * Check if the power cable works properly and replace with high quality low resistance one if necessary.

* Put something between iPhone X/8 and AirPower or other charger.
* Reboot iPhone X. If that doesn’t work, clear all cached data in the Settings.
* Try to switch to a different charger to supply power.
* If there is no problem with wireless power pad, iPhone X may have some software issues. In this case, you’re suggested to update to iOS 11 or recover your iPhone X or iPhone 8.
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Q2. iPhone X wireless charging heat problem
Though Apple place 7.5w limit on wireless power for iPhone X/8 to avoid the common heating side effect of induction charging, there are still burning problems on iPhone X. “I tried to charge my iPhone X overnight. But this morning, the iPhone X was too hot to touch, so was the charger mat. It took several minutes to cool down. Will the heat damage the phone? How to fix the heat problem during iPhone X inductive charging?” Frist, remember to remove the cover/case from iPhone X/8 to cool it down. Then check the fixes:

* The faster you charge your iPhone X/8, the more heat you get. So disable the fast charging.
* Try not to chage iPhone X for too long, like overnight charging.
* Update iPhone X to the latest iOS version. Go to Settings > General > Software Update and get the latest iOS version. This will solve any software problems.
* Check and disable any apps under the background processes.
* Perform a factory reset by Settings > General > Reset and then select Erase All Content and Settings.
* Check if the USB port of the wireless charger is working and clean.

Q3. Wireless Charger not charging on iPhone X/XS (Max)/XR/8
“I start to charge my iPhone X at 30% and it gets stuck since then. The wireless charger simply won’t charge iPhone X. And it says 30% for hours of charging. Help.” When the battery of iPhone isn’t charging properly, there may be a problem in your AirPower or other charger or battery. But before that, here are some iPhone X tips that may just resolve the iPhone X inductive charging fails to work problem.

* Power the iPhone X/iPhone 8 off and then turn it back on.
* Check if the USB port of the wireless charger is working and clean.
* Use iPhone X/8 in Recovery Mode.
* Try switching inductive charging to USB charging.

Q4. iPhone X inductive charging too slow
Though Apple has introduced fast charging to iPhone X/8, some users are still suffering from slow wireless charging problem on iPhone X. “My iPhone X is charging very very slow. It took 4 hours for just 70%. The battery percent sometimes freezes, and some other times it even drops 10-15%. I’m really frustrated.”

* Try to put iPhone X/8 into the Airplane Mode while charging.
* Turn off iPhone X/8 when you charge it.
* Perform another round of factory restore.
* iPhones battery is most effective if charged by about 15 – 20%, so don’t drain out your iPhone.
* Update your software to the lastest version.
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The solutions above should may help you solve some iPhone X charging failure of wireless. However, as iPhone X/8/Plus is the first iPhone that support inductive charging, and the AirPower is not available until next year, there are not enough information on the fixes. If you can’t find a fix here to your wireless charger not charging on iPhone X problem, or have any other effective fix, please please comment below.