I Will Always Love You Poems No Matter What Happens

I will always love you poems:

1 You can say no to me
But I will always love you
You can push me away from you
But I will always love you
You can say you don’t need me
But I will always love you
Your eyes are as bright as the sun
Your fingernails as sharp as bird claws
Your skin as rough as the rough sand
But I will always love you
I will never be scared of anything
That you ever bring within my ring
I have always loved you the way you are
And I will always love you even in my car
I will pull myself close
Just in case you don’t know
I will stay true to you
For every day so I can remain brand new
And when it is time to stay true
Remember that I will always love you no matter what

2 In some way you make me mad and get me angry
In some days you say terrible things to me that causes me pain
In some situations, you take up positions that cause me so much hurt
In some spaces, you take actions that that are not cool for my love
There are times when you make me sad in all of your might
You will make mistakes that I am so sure of
You will tell lies but we ain’t all perfect are we?
There will be hustles, bustles and struggles that may make you wander off
There will be fights ad arguments that may make us scream out loud
There will be bad situations and challenges enough to make us roar
But in all the times my love is tested
I will always love you no matter what

3 Lonely I lie in my bed
Your name in my head brings me tears
I can’t stop thinking about you
And all the amazing thins you do
When you stare at me
I feel like I am in your team
Your amazing smile
Has laid a siege in my heart
Your beautifully curved eyes
Has brightened my life
The way you touch me
Makes we want to jump and lead
Your kiss gives me butterflies
And I want to spread my wings and fly
When you hold my beautiful skin
I just want to go down on my knees
In pure ecstasy filled with sweets so tasty
My feelings for you are so true
Only if you knew
That I would give up everything to be with you
Please baby I want you to hold me in your hands
Because I long for you with all my heart
I will be with you and your warm parts
Till the very last days and we will never be apart
I know I am naiive
But you always made me feel alive
I know what love feels
And it is not under my heels
I know my heart is very young
But I have never ever gone wrong
You make me want to fly away
And that is why I bow and pray
That I keep our love sustained
So that we will never be delayed
I will always love you
Just know that this is so true

4 I will always appreciate the day we were made
And our lives has been beyond what is called fade
I can now raise my heads and stand up tall
Because I know you will catch when I want to fall
A weekend without you is enough for me to muse
When I know I miss everything about you
You are always stealing my mind
Because a guy like you is so rare to find
From this day forward hold me into your arms
And I promise to caress you with my palms
You have always remained my best friend
And I know our friendship will never end
Your love will be in my heart
Because you have promised me no more lies
I want to spend my moments with you everyday
Tell your other friends no more lay
I will always love you for being you
No matter what people say, I love you

5 You are the best person for me
Because God just made you for me
Now I want you to be sure
And confirm whether our love is pure

You are who I think of everyday
Because you are the definition of love
I want you to always come my way
So that I can keep saying you are my world

I revel in your cute face
You are better than most people like shoe lace
You mean the whole world to me
That I am proud to show you for the world to see

You are the best person for me
And I know you wouldn’t mind
I want you to know that is how I feel
Because you always make me alive and fine

You are my definition and all I ever wanted
And I am grateful to God for blessings granted
You should also know you are the light in my socket
And every other thing I ever needed

I will always love you today and for life
You can even come steal me at the night
When it is time for us to die
It will be the same time for you and I

6 Say you love me like the day is new
Say you love me, let my heart beat for you
Say you love me just like yesterday
Say you love me in every different way
Say you love me every different morning
Say you love me even when I say I am ‘cuming’
Say you love me whenever I see you in my dream
Say you love me even when I want to scream
Say you love whenever you are in the crowd
Say you love me and I will scream out loud
Say you love me whenever I am down
Say you love me and I will call you my crown
Say you will always love me
Say you love me and I will always be me

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I Will Always Love You Poems, no matter what