How Your Writing Can Change The World

By Ty Cohen on May 27, 2017You don’t have to be a bestselling author in order for your writing to have an impact. By writing and sharing our writing with others, we are doing something positive, something good. However many books you sell, however prolific a writer you are, remember that you are doing something amazing.

Here’s how your writing can change the world:

Writing encourages reading, and this brings great pleasure.

Reading is one of life’s simplest and greatest pleasures. It’s cheap, educational, cathartic, environmentally friendly, healthy and fun! By writing you are encouraging more people to read, you are contributing and promoting the pleasure of reading as a hobby, and no doubt reading a great deal yourself.

Writing speaks to people and helps them know they are not alone.

No matter what you write, you end up exploring emotions, human behaviour and big topics such as love, friendship, fear and death. People take great comfort in reading something that they can identify with. Reading helps people to feel as though they are understood and this can make such a difference in their lives.

Writing allows people to explore worlds that are not their own.

Sometimes it can be so cathartic to escape reality for a while, and there is nothing quite like a good book to take us into a whole different world and help us get some respite from the one we reside in, albeit temporarily! Great stories transport the reader to places that they have never been before, they feel immersed and carried away by the story, the adventures, and the universes created by writers – and that is something truly wonderful indeed.

Writing can teach us lessons, and make us think differently.

Writers can choose to use their writing to teach valuable lessons, to give new perspectives and make us see the world and the behaviour of people in a different light. Writing can inspire, motivate, and bring about change. As writers, we have the power to reach out to our readers and try to make the world a better place.

Writing demonstrates how following your dreams and believing in your goals is a wonderful thing.

In short, you are setting a good example. By continuing to write, and do what you are passionate about and what you love, you encourage others to do the same. Imagine a world where everyone followed their dreams, and never gave up on their goals? What a happy place it would be! If by writing, you can encourage just a handful of people to keep pushing to achieve what they want out of life, you are making the world a richer and happier place to be.

Writing truly is a wonderful gift, and we can all use our writing to change the world, to inspire people, and to bring about kindness. No matter how vast or tiny our readership is, even the smallest changes can add up to make a huge and amazing difference!

Bethany Cadman -author of ‘Doctor Vanilla’s Sunflowers’