How To Support Someone Who Is Stressed

It’s hard enough to be stressed yourself, but when someone you know is stressed, it can be difficult to know how to help. Learning to help others deal with mental pressure is a useful skill that could serve you well in many situations. There are many ways to support someone who is stressed.

Signs of Stress
Stress can happen when you go through life changes or face challenges that you’re not prepared for. Your body creates physical and mental responses to help your body adjust to new situations. Although stress isn’t always a bad thing, if you don’t try to relieve it or relax, it can take a toll on you.‌

Common physical signs of stress include:

Common emotional and mental signs of stress include:

* Anxiety
* Exasperation
* Depressed feelings
* Sadness
* Panic attacks

Help Them Recognize The Problem
Whether you want to help a friend, coworker, family member, or other acquaintance, a great first step is to help them understand that they are stressed. They might find it tough to come to terms with what they are going through. They may be ignoring their feelings.‌

You can be kind but direct when reaching out to them. You can let them know you’ve noticed changes in their behavior or other signs of stress. If you talk to them with a caring attitude, they may be more open to letting you help them manage stress.

Listen to Them
It could be tempting to give advice right after offering your support. But how will you know what to say if you don’t first listen to how they’re feeling? You might end up just being a listening ear for your stressed-out friend, and that’s OK. Knowing that someone they trust cares and is offering their undivided attention could do wonders.‌

Another reason that listening is more important than talking is that it takes the pressure off of your friend. As they’re confiding in you, they should know that you’re there to support them, not push them to do something. If they aren’t ready to take action, that’s OK.