How To Support A Person With A Dementia

Dementia can bring changes to a person’s life. If you’re a carer or friend of a person with dementia, you can give them help and support in their everyday life and activities.

Helping a person with dementia
If you’re a carer or friend of a person with a dementia, there are different ways to support them in their everyday life.

You can help by:

* remembering they are still the person and friend you may have known for a long time
* including them in group conversations
* asking them their opinion and not assuming you know what they want
* offering your support, they may not feel confident enough to approach you and may need your help
* being sensitive, for example, understanding and supporting their approach to living with the condition
* remembering they can still do the same things as you with a little help

Helping a person with dementia have a social life
People with a dementia should continue to enjoy their hobbies and interests as much as possible.

You can offer support by:

* including them in social activities and events
* encouraging them to join a conversation
* involving them in an activity they enjoy

Communicating with a person living with a dementia
You can help support a person living with a dementia by using good communication. When you communicate well with them, you can help increase their understanding and wellbeing.

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Where to find help and support
Community and voluntary organisations can provide help and support to people affected by a dementia, their family and friends.

This support includes:

* information about services
* carers’ training programmes to make sure family and friends know the best ways to support a person with a dementia
* group support services for people with a dementia and their carers

You can find more information and support services from the following organisations, see also ‘more useful links section’:

The Public Health Agency has also produced a range of information to help support people with a dementia, their families and friends.

This information includes the following publications:

Dementia apps library
The ‘Apps4Dementia’ library is a digital service which groups together safe, trusted apps to provide information and guidance on the condition.

There a number of apps that offer support, self-care of symptoms and allow users to carry on with their day-to-day activities for as long as possible.

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