How To Counter 2 Meta Support Mobile Legends ML

The end of Season 20 is enlivened by the presence of Meta 2 Support. This meta uses two support heroes at the same time with a hero heal which is arguably very strong. This is how to Counter Meta 2 Support Mobile Legends. Therefore, on this occasion Esportsku will provide an overview of how to counter Meta 2 Support in a match in Mobile Legends. Use these methods and strategies to defeat him.

The advantage of this meta is being able to finish the game quickly and also a solid defense, especially on cover heroes like tanks. Of course with the presence of two supports as well as a very strong defense and attack.

Meta 2 Support is certainly very popular and widely played, but there are several ways to beat meta in the match. This is known as the Meta 2 Support counter.

What is 2 Meta Support?

But before that, you must know what Counter Meta 2 Support is? As you know, the essence of this meta is using two support heroes at once.

Generally, the support hero used in meta is only one one, but two support heroes will provide a better cover, both support with heal types and damage types.

For example, your first support hero can use the hero Angela, then the second support hero is Nana. It could also be a mage hero of both types of damage like Vale or Valir.

But it is also not possible to use two types of hero heal at once, for example Rafaela and Angela, this depends on the strategy of each player.

Meta 2 Support counter itself is very popular and widely used, starting from ranked mode, to tournament games like yesterday’s MPL. Now for those of you who are curious about how to counter it, please do the following tips.

Here are some ways to counter the best and most effective Counter Meta 2 Support in Mobile Legends matches.

Use the Split Push Strategy

The first is the split push target which is very effective in counting Counter Meta 2 Support. This strategy makes it very easy to mess up the meta holdings.

For those of you who don’t know Split Push, this strategy allows one of the heroes of your teammates to push just to do a push.

For example, when you are in a team fight, you only have 4 heroes left to enter the team fight, while one hero will focus on pushing to break through the opponent’s turret.

Some of the heroes who are very tough in doing split push include Fanny, Helcurt, Natalia, to Zilong.

If you are annoyed by the presence of meta Counter Meta 2 Support which is difficult to penetrate, you can use split push as a counter to defeat it.

Using AoE type heroes

Second is to use AoE type heroes, this is very important for continuity in team fight, especially in defeating Counter Meta 2 Support.

Heroes with AoE types, for example, heroes who have a wide range of attacks. Some examples of heroes who have this ability include Pharsa, Odette, Claude, Hanabi, Moskov, and many others.

For example, Odette with her ultimate skill can easily beat opponents who are gathered. Her attacks are very strong and can defeat all opponents at once.

Then, a hero like Pharsa who has a very wide AoE attack and deals high damage. So he can beat opponents from a distance and defeat him.

Several heroes with AoE type attacks are very effective in defeating opponents who use Counter Meta 2 Support in Mobile Legends.

Use Lock Type Hero

The next Counter Meta 2 Support is to use a lock type hero. This type of hero provides an attack that can lock one enemy hero and defeat him before the team fight begins.

You can beat the support first so that your opponent’s defense is destroyed. Some of the heroes who have good lock abilities include Saber, Kadita, Harley, Lancelot to Gusion.

For example, the hero Saber can use to lock the opponent’s support hero. With his ultimate ability, this one hero can easily lock and defeat the opponent.

Apart from Saber, Gusion is also very reliable and very deadly in locking down heroes against opponents. Generally, a hero who has been marked by Gusion is able to defeat his opponent very quickly with a deadly combo skill.

Using the hero lock is very effective for counting Counter Meta 2 Support, make sure that you target the support hero first so that you can beat your opponent easily during a team fight.

Using Sea Halberd Or NoD Items

Necklace of Durance and Sea Halberd are items that you must use when your opponent uses Meta Counter Meta 2 Support.

Generally, Counter Meta 2 Support uses a support hero who has the ability to heal. To have a strong effect on this, of course, with anti-regen items.

Currently there are two anti-regen items that you can use, namely Sea Halberd and NoD, these two items will have the effect of reducing your opponent’s regen and shield effect by 50%.

Wait and Hold Until Late Game

The way to counter the last Meta 2 Support Counter in Mobile Legends is to wait until late game. Also make sure you use a strong hero when you are late in the game.

Generally, hero support is very strong in the early game but weak in the late game, with this you can take advantage of the late game as a counterattack.

Make sure that the attacks can be stacked by the marksman hero, and wait for the right moment to strike back. Without realizing it, when the late game arrives, Counter Meta 2 Support will lose easily.

So that’s it for a review of how to counter Meta 2 Support Counter in Mobile Legends. Hopefully this is useful and provides a useful explanation especially for you Mobile Legends players. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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