How Do I Get 90 Fps In PUBG

How to Unlock 90 FPS Setting in PUBG Mobile

1. Download the 90 FPS config file.
2. After downloading, open the file and extract all its content from the archive.
3. Copy or move the file named Game_patch_1. 4.0. to Android / data / com. tencent. ig / files / UE4GAME / ShadowTrackerExtra / ShadowTrackerExtra / Saved / Paks.

Is PUBG support 90 fps?

The list of devices which support 90 FPS in Battlegrounds Mobile India is as follows: OnePlus Phones – All variants of OnePlus 7, Oneplus 8 and OnePlus 9. Realme Phones – X2 Pro and X50 Pro. Mi Phones – Mi 10, 10i and 11X Pro.

Which devices will support 90 fps in PUBG?
Below you can check all of the PUBG Mobile 90 FPS supported devices list that can run the latest gaming mode….PUBG Mobile 90 FPS Devices List:

* Huawei P40 Pro.
* Huawei P50.
* Huawei P50 Pro.
* Huawei Mate 40.
* Huawei Mate 40 Pro.
* Huawei Mate 40 Pro Plus.
* Huawei Nova 8 Pro.
* Huawei Nova 9.

How do you unlock 90 fps in Bgmi?

Here you find, how to Unlock 90fps In BGMI and BGMI 90 fps Config File Download….BGMI 90fps Unlocking Process

1. Close BGMI and clear from recent app.
2. Then Download the Config file ( Download link below)
3. Go to your smartphone download location.

How do I enable 90 fps in PUBG mobile OnePlus?
check your phone’s refresh rate (display>advance> refresh rate). 90Hz should be selected for playing at 90 fps. 3. Check your in-game settings (smooth + 90 fps).

Does PUBG support 120hz?

The Chinese version of pubg mobile is able to support 90hz and 120hz refresh rate right now. The global version PUBGM is only support 60hz right now and maximum frame rate 60fps. In future yes it will support.

Is 90fps available in MI 11X?
Xiaomi Mi 11X, Poco F3, & Poco X3 Pro users demand 90 FPS support on PUBG/BGMI, but there is a workaround. The Xiaomi Mi 11X, Mi 11X Pro, Poco F3, and the Poco X3 Pro have more in common than you think. The devices were all launched in 2021 and are intended to be performance-oriented more than anything.

Does Rog 5 support 90 fps PUBG?

With Asus ROG Phone 5 gamers expect a flawless and blazingly fast gaming experience and the device has indeed checked all the boxes. However, PUBG Mobile later announced the compatibility allowing OnePlus and Asus ROG Phone users to finally enjoy the gaming experience at 90 FPS.

Will 90 fps come in iPhone?
When will get PUBG Mobile or BGMI 90FPS setting in iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max? The developers of PUBG Mobile and BGMI are working on this and soon through a new update, both these phones will get the support of 90 FPS with smooth graphics.

Does Realme X7 Max have 90 fps?

Realme X7 Max now supports 90FPS Gaming with BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

Is 90 FPS Config safe?
No, neither downloading nor using BGMI 90 FPS file is safe. If you still want to download it then go ahead with your own risk because if you use the Config file, there are chances that you will get banned by Krafton.

How to get 90 FPS on PUBG Mobile without losing quality?

Click on the settings icon Step 1: Open PUBG Mobile and then click on the settings icon which is present on the bottom right corner on the main screen. Step 2: Navigate through the settings and press on the graphics tab. Step 3: Select the 90 fps option present under the frame rate settings.

Does PUBG Mobile have 90Hz display on OnePlus devices?
Currently, it is only exclusive to a few OnePlus devices that offer 90Hz display. Players that own any of the device from the OnePlus 7T/OnePlus 7 Pro/OnePlus 8 series will be able to play PUBG Mobile at the highest fps. It is easy to enable this feature, and the steps are given below:

What is 90fps in pupubg mobile?

PUBG Mobile fans can finally enjoy a smooth battle royale experience on their mobile devices at 90fps (Frames Per Second). The game setting is currently exclusive to OnePlus devices, however, it will soon be rolled out to other smartphones as well. It will give players a competitive edge when it comes to gunfire and will prevent unwanted lags.

Can PUBG run on iOS 12 Pro?
iOS – PUBG Mobile 90fps For Apple fans, there’s literally only one set of devices physically able to run PUBG Mobile at 90fps, and that’s the iPad Pro line. Neither the new iPhone 12, 12 Pro, or iPad Air have the 120Hz “ProMotion” display featured in the iPad Pro tablets.