Heres Which TVs And Monitors Support VRR On PS5

It’s been a long wait, but variable refresh rate (VRR, for short) has finally arrived on PS5. Helping to eliminate screen tearing and boost performance on 120Hz displays, Sony confirmed that numerous heavy hitters are being patched to support VRR optimization, including Insomniac Games Spider-Man titles and Capcom’s Resident Evil Village.

However, you’ll need a compatible TV or monitor to utilize PS5 VRR. It’s true Sony TVs got VRR support last month, though not every 120Hz set supports this newest feature. Thankfully, one Reddit user, u/RTCanada (opens in new tab), has begun compiling a list of compatible devices on r/PS5 (opens in new tab) with the wider community.

To check it’s working, they advise either using a ‘live FPS ticker’ that certain TVs and monitors have or alternatively, using ‘Video Output Information’ within the PS5’s ‘Screen & Video Settings’.

Some sets have certain caveats or require settings changes, and we’ve seen conflicting reports about VRR support, so we’d highly advise checking that list too. Many Samsung models listed below require you to either turn on Ultimate FreeSync mode or don’t confirm VRR support is active, while several Sony models turn off local dimming.

With that in mind, here’s a list of which TVs and monitors are currently confirmed, broken down by manufacturer:

* Acer – XV282K
* Asus – ROG Swift PG35VQ, ROG Swift PG279QM, VG28UQL1A
* Gigabyte – M28U, FI32U, M32U, FV43U, FO48U
* HiSense – UG7, U8G
* LG – 27GP950, 27GP950-B, B1, B9, BX, C9, CX, C1, C2, GX, G1, G2, NanoCell 55NANO866, NanoCell 65NANO866PA, SM9000 (2019), NANO867NA, LG NANO85 (2021), LG NANO90 (2021)
* Phillips – OLED 706, OLED 707, OLED 806, OLED 807
* Samsung – Frame (2020), Frame (2021), G7 LC32G75T, G7 S28AG70, NU8500 (Not advised), QN65QN85BA, RU8002 (2019), RU8009 (2019), Q60 (2018), SQ6FN (2018) (Not advised), Q8FN (2018) (Not advised), Q9FN (2018), Q60R (2019), Q70R (2019), Q80R (2019), Q90R (2019), Q900RB (2019), 55 Q6DR (2020), RU9000 (2020), Q70T (2020), Q80T (2020), Q90T (2020), Q95T (2020), Q70A (2021), Q80A (2021), Q90A (2021), QN90A (2021), QN95A, S95B QD-OLED (2022)
* Sony – X900H, X85J, X89J, X90J, X91J, X95J, A80J, A90J
* TCL – 50S546, 55C728, 65R648, R635 (2020) (Not advised), R646, C825
* Vizio – P65QX-H1 (Not advised), P75QX, P65Q9, OLED 55-H1 (Not advised)

(Image credit: LG)How To Turn On PS5 VRR
As there’s no downloadable system update required, VRR should appear in your PS5’s settings once you’ve restarted your console. Head to Settings > Video Output > Screen and Video, and you’ll find a new section called ‘VRR’.

Sony previously outlined several big hitters are getting supported on PS5, and you can find that full list below:

Otherwise, VRR can be applied to unsupported PS5 games, though there may be unintended consequences, so you can always turn that off.

Naturally, these titles won’t benefit like those which have been specifically optimized. However, as pointed out on the Reddit list (opens in new tab), there’s still a noticeable performance improvement for games like Elden Ring, Cyberpunk 2077, and Tales of Arise.