Big Sur Compatible Printers

Every year Apple release a new OS system. In this post we will help you find Big Sur compatible printers to ensure you have trouble free printing with Apples new OS for 2020.

Whilst it is exciting to have a new Operating System running. If printing is vital to your business. We do not recommend updating to Mac OS 11 Big Sur until further compatibility has been announced.

Canon Printers
All of the new Canon Printers from 2019 onwards with built-in WiFi can connect via AirPrint only with MacOS Big Sur.

Please note, a printer must have wireless capabilities to support AirPrint

Xerox Compatible Printer Guide
Xerox has compiled a handy guide onto what printers are compatible and how to ensure they work with Mac OS Big Sur. Click here for the list

Apple AirPrint With Big Sur
As with all Apple devices, the most efficient way to print is through Apple AirPrint. There’s no need for drivers, just wireless connectivity. All of the AirPrint supported printers we stock are available here.

Please be aware. As simple as Apple AirPrint is to use does come at a cost. Not all printer driver features are available, just the basics. Such as:

* Setting paper sizes
* Choosing what paper is in the printer
* What size to print (It will default to the paper size in the printer)

A quick, simple solution to printing. Without the in-depth features of external drivers.

The ideal solution though would be a fully Big Sur compatible printer.

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