Best Support In Mobile Legends 2022

Best Support in Mobile Legends for beginners 2022 are: Diggie, Kaja, Rafaela, Estes, Angela,… Support help protect your allies in any situation.

They are significantly difficult to counter and with the right usage, perform well on practically any game.

Top 1: Diggie
ProsCons+ Has Decent Crowd Control (Slow, Pull).
+ His 2nd Skill, Reverse Time is good to countering high mobility Hero like Fanny.
+ If he being eliminates, he can be transform being Egg and invicible.
+ Has free Purify from his Ultimate, Time Journey.

– High skill cooldown.
– No Escape skills.
– His Ultimate (Time Journey) Cooldown is high.

Tips & Tricks Diggie

Diggie thrives on being an unkillable nuisance for the enemy team, setting hazards around the battlefield and protecting allies with shields.

Roam the map early or stick with your marksman to help protect them. Poke enemies down making it hard for them to farm minions and acquire gold. Pressure objectives with your team, using your skills to force enemies away.

Use Diggie’s egg form to properly reposition upon death so that you will be able to get right back into the fight upon revival. Focus on keeping enemies at bay, especially assassins and other enemies who pose a threat to your team’s damage dealers.

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ProsCons+ Long CC time.
+ Very painful.
+ AOE 1st skill.
+ Scary Ganker.
+ Counter for Fanny.
+ Great Crowd Control Effect which cannot be cancelled.
+ Can easily Single Out the Main Target.
+ High Damage.

– Squishy.
– Cant last in teamfights.
– Dead when CCed.
– Very High Cooldowns on Skills.
– Needs little Practice on aiming his Skills.

Tips & Tricks Kaja

Kaja is a damage focused support/fighter hybrid, one who uses his lightning damage on enemies and uses his powerful ultimate on high priority targets to swing the course of battle in his team’s favor.

As a support hero, it’s important for Kaja to assist his allies across the map. Look for opportunities to get your team ahead, especially after reaching level four and unlocking your ultimate ability.

In team fights, peel for more fragile enemy teammates and initiate fights when grouped up with your team. Try to suppress and reduce the most valuable member of the enemy team to ensure victory.

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ProsCons+ She has a great burst damage.
+ She has decent mobility
+ She has good crowd control – efficent at teamfights.
+ She is very good at sustaining damage etc.
+ Kind of UNTOUCHABLE during mid to late game.

– Too damn squishy.
– In order to play her well, you need to focus.
– She relies on so much mana.
– She can’t survive on her own during pre-phases of the game.

Tips & Tricks Rafaela

Early game: At level one you should level up your healing ability, in case something bad happens. Poke with Light of Retribution and heal your ally if he needs it.

Mid game: Use your ultimate to engage or disengage, it’s a powerful tool for all kinds of occasions. Chase people with your q and try to save wound allies with your heal.

Late game: You have to stay in with the carries of your team, healing them and preventing them to back to base. Use your ultimate in more than one or two enemies if possible, which could be a game changer.

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ProsCons+ Capable of slowing the Enemy up to 90% for 1.5 seconds.
+ Very good in sustain.
– Very Squishy.
– Has no Escape Skill.
– Can’t do much damage.
– Has no skill that can stun enemy heroes.
– Slow mobility.

Tips & Tricks Estes

Estes is a powerful support hero, capable of sustaining his entire team during team fights and bringing the enemy team to a grinding halt.

As a support, Estes will want to roam the map during the laning phase and stick with his entire team when team fights begin to erupt. Make sure your teammates understand the powerful sustain Estes offers, being able to keep them all healed in even the most tense battles.

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ProsConsHaving Control Effect and heal.
Anti-tower dive from enemy.
Great poke.
CC for 2 seconds.
Stacking heal skill.
Good mobility
Best support with her ultimate.
Magic damage, high enough.

– Squishy.
– Rely on team.
– Lack overall damage.
– Skill requires extra effort to maximize its effects.
– Always needs a companion ally in mid and late games.
– Cooldown Reduction items does not affect first skill.
– No burst damage, even with full magic damage build.
– Need timing right for using ultimate skill.

Tips & Tricks Angela

As a support character with limited mobility, it’s important for Angela to stick with an ally or risk being caught out by assassins in the jungle. Angela shines when paired with a marksman in lane, giving them some nice sustain while adding poke damage to enemies, helping harass them off minion waves and experience.

Angela’s global ultimate can be a lifesaving ability with its powerful shield. Stay aware of what is happening across the map at all times, ready to save allies if needed. Know who is performing well, though — if you use your shield and join an ally in battle and they soon die because they are in a poor position or underperforming, you’ll likely die with them!

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