Apple Car Keys Can Be Shared With Google Pixel Phones Now

Published Dec 2nd, :34AM EST

Apple Car Keys is one of the most exciting features of the iPhone’s Wallet as it shows how close we are to having our smartphone as our only device. Although the number of cars that currently support Apple’s authentication to unlock vehicles and drive is very limited, the company released with iOS 16.1 the ability to share Car Keys with other devices. Now, Google Pixel owners are the first non-iPhone models to get a shared key. Here’s how it works.

Apple is currently working with the IEFT and industry members to standardize cross-platform car key sharing, and its first support implementation is now available to Google Pixel owners. In the future, the company says it’ll work with all Android 12 or newer devices.

Car Keys on Wallet lets you use your iPhone or Apple Watch to lock, unlock, and start the car. While the process depends on each manufacturer, sharing your car keys can be very easy – especially now that there’s support for Android phones for the first time.

According to Apple, to share your car key, follow these steps:

* Open the Wallet app on the iPhone and select a car key;
* Tap the Share button and choose a sharing option;
* Give a name to the shared key, set permissions, and determine whether to require an activation code for extra security;
* You can send it via Messages, Mail, WhatsApp, and more;
* Tap Continue, authenticate with Face ID, and follow the onscreen instructions;
* If you opted to require an activation code or your key requires a Vehicle Code, the code appears after you share the key. Your recipient needs this one-time code to add the key to their device.

With that, it’s easier to have a family member easily access your car without physical keys and, instead, use their iPhone or Google Pixel.

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