Amber Heard All The Celebrities Who Have Supported The Aquaman Actress

Amber Heard: All the celebrities who have supported the ‘Aquaman’ actressThe defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has captivated audiences all around the world and had the public and celebrities alike lining up to choose aside.

Amid all, Kanye West’s former flame Julia Fox was one of the few celebrities who have extended their support to Amber as the couple launched a series of accusations against each other while taking the stand in Fairfax Country, Virginia.

Here are all the celebrities who have voiced support for Amber Heard:

Kathy Griffin

Comedian Griffin was one of the first celebrities to come out in support of Heard.

Howard Stern

While the veteran radio host has not specifically voiced his support for Heard, he has spoken out against Depp. Speaking on his SiriusXM show in late April, he said: “He figured, ‘I’ll put this on TV because I’m so persuasive and I’m so smart, and I’m such a wonderful guy… I will charm the pants off of America at the trial.’

“No you won’t. This will not go well. It’s not going well for you, it’s not going well for her. It’s not going well for anybody. You sound like two battling children. It’s just coming off really badly.”

Ellen Barkin

In testimony for the trial recorded in 2019, actor Barkin claimed that a “jealous” Depp once threw a wine bottle across a hotel room back when they were dating in the early 1990s.

Barkin testified about one particular time when Depp allegedly got “very angry” and accused of her having sex with someone else because she had a slight scratch on her back.

Julia Fox

Uncut Gems star Fox has publicly supported Heard on Instagram.

David Krumholtz

Actor Krumholtz, who starred with Heard in the NBC drama The Playboy Club, posted a series of Instagram Stories supporting her.