40 Lucky Patcher Games

Lucky Patcher Games: Today, we will successfully outlined all the games that are supported by Lucky Patcher, which can be installed on both Android and iPhone devices.

Luck Patcher app that cannot be found on Google appstore, as it allows users, especially gamers to easily remove annoying ads from the different apps, modify apps, remove systems app, bypass license verification and more.

The app has list of games that are compatible with its, as you can now download and install any game on the software. And it supports many other app features.

In short explanation, and description, Lucky Patcher is a popular app to modify apps and games for rooted Android devices, but unfortunately most of these games can’t be patched with the app.

In order to correct this instability, and unwanted errors when trying all the games on the appstore, we have list out all the games that can be patched with the app.

Hunger Games: Panem Run
Hunger Games: Panem Run is just another endlessly running game on the internet, and it is available for Android Smartphone. And like any other endless runner games, the Hunger Games: Panem Run increases the fun and enticements, making it much more sophisticated. And it has levels by level, which makes the game more harder overtime. There is just one goal and that is to build hope for the oppressed by running through three of the 12 Districts in randomly generated levels, and collect sparks and materials that can be synthesized as power-ups for an action-packed experience!

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Injustice: Gods Among Us
Another top level game that is compatible with Lucky Patcher is Injustice: Gods Among Us and it is available on both Android, iPad and iPhone devices. The Injustice: Gods Among Us can be used with Lucky Patcher and it comes with Achievements. The game is all about DC super heroes and villains, who are just ready for battle, and who are centered on one aim, and that is to SAVE THE WORLD! You can also build a roster of characters, moves, powers, and gear and enter the arena in touch-based 3-on-3 action combat.

Dictator 2
Another strategy games for Android Smartphone that is compatible is Dictator 2 mobile game. And it is available for download right now on your phone appstore. It is the sequel to one of the best strategic games in European countries. It has got a lot of features, and the objective is quite simpler and understand, you must try to remain in power of being a democrat, after all, you are a young dictator of a fledgling democratic republic, as you can try to eliminate scheming enemies, pay tributes to true friends, deftly uncover plots, and expose insidious conspiracies. You must be careful as you must make wise and timely decision.

Smash Cops Heat
Another mobile game that can be patched with Lucky Patcher is Smash Cops Heat, which was developed by Hutch game, which just happens to be among the best racing games on the appstore, with over 4-star reviews by thousands. Obviously, the hit action game is totally enjoyed by over 10 million players explodes onto Android, supercharged with cool features, bonus missions and extreme pursuit vehicles. It has got all type of features, as you standout as the best cop in America, hitting the streets and take on a city full of criminal mayhem!

Watch out Zombies
The Watch out Zombies is an addictive action mobile game, that is mostly seen in black and white. You can also choose your gender, be it a boy or a girl, but you must choose one gender. It brings amazing tasks to the table, basic objective, which is to sail across the roads, subways, grass and crazy zombie drivers, you can also make the cars run over zombies or make them fall to the subway tunnel. Others includes completing over 25 challenges and unlocking over 20 achievements. If you are interested, you can download and install the game on your Android Smartphone right away, and get it patched with Lucky Patcher.

Deadly Fight
The Deadly Fight is a simple, enhanced mobile action game that is available on appstore, and it is compatible with Lucky Patcher. It is built for fight lover a game which keeps you buy all the time, and it comes with a unique features that consist of more than 30 different fighters to play. There are also limited in-app items to improve your skills during fight. To make it much more difficult and harder, it has different location to choose while playing fight more than 15 worldwide location and stages. It is a fully 3D game with smooth gameplay and controls.

Zombie Catchers is also an action game, that can be patched with Lucky Patcher apk. Its has got a bunch of features, that makes you to enjoy the game to the fullest. And you must be careful, so that you won’t be addicted to the game. To get started, you must just let your harpoon gun ready and start catching some zombies! That is all. This game is already listed top 10 in 90 countries and 5 games in over 100 countries. Catch zombies!, Discover new territories!, Unlock exciting new gadgets!, Build a juicy and delicious business empire!, Expand and micro-manage your own underground lab! Are the key features of this apps.

Monster Defender
The objective is simple and understand, just defend your castle and protect your land! There are villains flying into the land, new darkness are just rising from the dark in the lands, and different waves of monsters are marching, spreading terror and destroying everything on their path. But there is a protector of the land, whose aim in these dark times, who standout as the only true champions is to defend your land, build a war and fight against the evil, no matter the situation and that is YOU!

Bee Brilliant
The first puzzle game on our list that can patched with Lucky Patcher is Bee Brilliant, and like any other puzzle mobile game, you just have to solve it using your IQ. You can easily explore the world of Beeland and meet the singing Babees, the crazy Busy Bees and the cheeky spiders in this puzzle game. Just get ready to connect colourful lines of Babees, make awesome combos and have some buzzing fun! Also added to the fun, is the medium to challenge your friends and best their high scores.

Bloons TD Battles
Here is another strategy mobile game, that is available on Android Smartphone, as you strategize your next shoot, and make it accurate. All you are expected and required to do is to play the top-rated tower defense franchise with other players in a bloon-popping battle for victory! It has got new Battles game designed for multiplayer combat, featuring 18 custom head-to-head tracks, incredible towers and upgrades, all-new attack and defense boosts, and the ability to control bloons directly and send them charging past your opponent’s defenses.

Swamp Attack
The Swamp Attack is another simple action game, which is compatible with Lucky Patcher. Like any other mobile action game, you are expected to protect your SWAMP, which is now under serious attack and might be taken away from your watch, “Don’t allow them to take your SWAMP under your supervision watch” To protect your SWAMP or your HOME, you must quickly grab a weapon and defend your home from the invading monsters, like crazed zombie-style monsters, crocodiles, aliens and more!

Zombie’s Got a Pogo
Zombie games are mostly recognized as mobile games that are compatible with Lucky Patcher and the Zombie’s Got a Pogo is just one of them on the roll. It is an action Zombie game with over 4000 thousand reviews, on Playstore with 4-star rating. Similar to others, it has goals, objectives and the most important of them all is to easily avoid accidents as you try to reach farther than other zombie ragdolls on each new round! The Zombie’s Got a Pogo is an endless jumping game with bone crunching ragdoll physics set in a fun but dangerous world. Bounce your way to the top of the leaderboards and follow the trail of brains and tune up your zombie mannequin with collectible items and accessories!

Tower Madness 2: 3D Defense
And here is the Tower Madness 2: 3D Defense, which happens to be a strategic mobile game, and can be patched Lucky Patcher. It has one simple command, and that is to protect your flock using quick thinking and an arsenal of awesome TD weapons. There are incredible features that will definitely help you further more, which includes 70 exciting maps to master, 7 campaigns on varying environments, each with unique gameplay challenges, 9 powerful towers, including rail gun, missile launcher, plasma gun, stun gun. The ultimate TD arsenal and 16 different alien enemies with unique abilities and weaknesses.

MS Dhoni: The Official Cricket Game
For your info, before trying to patched wit Lucky Patcher, the MS Dhoni the Movie Game is the official game of the Bollywood movie “Dhoni: The untold story” starring Sushant Singh Rajput in the leading role. And it explains all the mechanized used to play casual cricket game. To make the game much more like movie, you will be playing as Sushant Singh Rajput, acting as Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the movie, and playing through important phases of his cricketing career, which is totally focused entirely on Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s career. The object of the game is to score runs when at bat and to put out, or dismiss, the opposing batsmen when in the field.

Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble
The Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble is an action mobile game , and like the name of the game, you as the participant becomes the real thieve, just another king of thieves. Unlike others, you are not playing the hero here, nor trying to become one of the savior or protector the planet, but you are an actual thieve, and the main aim is to Sneak around security guards, past patrolling pensioners and evade cunning traps as you try to get your sticky mitts on as much loot as possible. There are numerous other amazing features to try out.

Invention City
Another games that work with lucky patcher is the Invention City, and like the name, you just have to make your own invention from the lab, just by clearing step by step stage, and upbuild buildings. Then become an innovator (invention hero) to develop the invention city. Some of the features includes, simple and Intuitive game playing, 10 chapters and Different 50 stage, and coin collecting through patented.

Just Shout
You really don’t have to “Just Shout” to enjoy the game. Actually, it is a survival, mob-fighting game. Where you get to play as a protector of your wife from vicious American bulldog fighter. The main aim here is to defeat all the mobsters in this comic-style, action game and rescue his wife. To enable you fulfill your dreams, you just have to choose among lots of weapons, ranging from the classic guerrilla knife, to devastating, high-tech flame-throwers. Keep John alive and defeat as many mobsters as you can!

Fruit Ninja
Imaging playing one of the best Arcade game, or fruit game with Lucky Patcher compatibility. Of course, the result will definitely be amazing and outstanding. You are presented with just one objective, and that is to become a master of slicing fruit! And they see themselves as the best and original hit fruit-slicing mobile game, a title which I won’t desperately argue with. Some tips to help you become the best and master of slicing fruit is all embedded in the endless Classic mode, just avoid the bombs and make sure you don’t drop the fruit! Make your game even more exciting by equipping special powerups that will give your score a juicy boost. There is the free version, which is compatible while the paid version isn’t compatible.

Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops
Tiny Troopers are back and better than ever! Decked out in new uniforms and sporting the latest in military hardware, the troopers are just itching to get back into the fight! Test your mettle and lead your troopers to victory in three thrilling special operations! It packs bunch of features that will guide you to becoming the best among the others.

Mad Day – Truck Distance Game
Just happens to be among the list, but the game isn’t bringing much expectations to the table. The Mad Day – Truck Distance Game is action game, which is part of SMOKOKO GAMES. Mad Day is a combination of an awesome racing and alien shooting game. Upgrade your Car, Guns, Armor, Clothing and more to beat the bad guys. It has got other features anyways, but you can easily take on the aliens lasers and blasters with your own trucks rocket launcher as you climb hills and smash through walls. Then start running on foot with your shotgun, killing and smashing aliens. Earn gold coins to upgrade your Car and weapons as well as buy boosters in order to get further each time and beat your previous and friends best distance. Go off road while you drive and run for your life!

Street Fighting 2: Multiplayer
Part of Underground Std, but it is an action game that can be patched with Lucky patcher. Here on the game, you will play and fight as a stick man, as well as making great kicks, just use your special powers. It has got modes to make it much smarter, harder and quite difficult to continue your play. You can control the ragdoll fighter in 2D physics world and attack head or body of your stickman opponents. You need to run into the ragdoll while rotating your stickman in the proper angle to attack vulnerable parts.

Bio Inc – Biomedical Plague and rebel doctors
This is just for medicals, the Bio Inc is a biomedical strategy simulator in which you determine the ultimate fate of a victim by developing the most lethal illness possible. As you are expected to create your own plague by upgrading diseases, boosting risk factors and slowing down your victim’s recovery before a team of highly motivated doctors find a cure and save him.

Stunt Car Racing – Multiplayer
Racing mobile games has always been one of the best game category out there, and the Stunt Car Racing happens to be among the best. As you can race and chase your opponents to become a stunt driving expert and master each game mode. Use your winnings to upgrade and customize your car or choose to buy brand new vehicles! It comes with 3 modes of multiplayer, pits you against up to 7 other stunt drivers in an extreme test of driving skill. Go ahead and compete for credits and unlock your ultimate speed machine in these exciting game modes. Purchase everything and select ‘restore purchase‘ option and close app, open it again, purchase successful!

The Factory
This is the first casual mobile game that works with Lucky Patcher, The Factory still offers in-app purchases and Lucky Patcher is available to buy those coins free of charge, without any form of payment. With The Factory, you will learn how to build a self-sustaining factory without going bankrupt. The mobile game is a mash-up of a crafting sim, resource manager and clicker. Start by purchasing raw materials, building basic items to sell at a profit, and slowly working up the crafting chain to the more complex items. The highest tier items are called Builders, and are capable of manufacturing items for you. There’s even a Builder Builder which manufactures more builders.

Zombie Squad
The goal is simple, just drive your way through a zombie apocalypse. Fire your guns and kill all zombies in your path. Avoid other cars and obstacles and get as far as you can. The Zombie Squad is a mobile game that allows you to choose your car and upgrade it. You are also presented with amusing features, as you can easily personalize your car by changing its weapon or its armor. Also, you can buy new car models in the store. Go ahead and kill all zombies in your way, gather as many coins as you can, and upgrade your ride in this amazing game for android!

Idle City Empire
This is the among the world’s best city building simulator, the Idle City Empire is an opportunity game that provides you the ultimate chance to become a billionaire by creating the greatest city the world has ever seen. Get ready to create, upgrade and automate the most profitable city of all time in the best idle game! It has got varieties of features, to enjoy the game in all ways, and it is also compatible with the Lucky Patcher.

Other Games that Work with Lucky Patcher
1. ROBOTS (with Achievements)
2. Brothers: Clash of Fighters (with Achievements)
3. Farm Away! – Idle Farming (with Achievements)
4. Unfinished Mission (with Achievements)
5. Gun Strike 2 (with Achievements)
6 Age of wind 3 (with Achievements)
7. Zombie Highway 2 (with Achievements
8. Stick War: Legacy (with Achievements)
9. Townsmen (with Achievements)
10. Can Knockdown 3 (with Achievements)
11. Tank ON 2 – Jeep Hunter (with Achievements)

Here is the Link to download the official Lucky Patcher apk, download the application and you can be able to buy in-app purchases without paying a single dime.