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Architectural 3D Animation Services
Architectural animation is one of the main services in visualization and architectural rendering. Primarily, it deals with everything connected to showing the architecture. Unlike static images that showcase buildings and interiors from the most advantageous camera angle, animation, in its turn, is much more meticulous work. Animation helps reveal the true potential of the existing space without holding back any defects to potential clients. To show all of the advantages of the property, such techniques as overflying from up to down and vice versa at a specific angle, hitting the object we use in animation.

In comparison with walk-through tours, animation has a determined script to some extent, blocks the integration between the audience and animation itself, and prevents full immersion into the computed reality. Unlike static images, animation provides better immersion depth into space. However, designers use animation with static 3d images to create an impressive and engaging presentation.
Architectural animation works with exteriors as well as interiors. In interiors, it’s significant to capture the atmosphere of the house, the color interaction, the overall integration of rooms, and an interior walkthrough. In interiors, 3D movie-makers apply more close-ups and panning to draw attention to essential details in a space.
In exteriors, the role of animation involves showing the integration of the buildings within its environment, its neighborhood, and the infrastructure development. The aim is to illustrate how the building “fits” into the city area, whether it stands out among other premises or blends in with them.

Omegarender as your 3D architectural animation studio
Our animations speak for themselves more than any words of praise. Here’s how we provide architectural 3d animation services:

* To launch an architectural project, our team needs to know the purpose of the video, its approximate plot. If the client doesn’t have any storyline, we are ready to create it considering customer requirements and expectations.
* It’s crucial to know the platform where the animation will be placed (presentation, website, instagram), as each platform has its target audience with its preferences and peculiarities.
* Before starting, our project manager discusses all the details concerning animation: animation format, video extension format, length of the video, etc.
* Typically, our animation team consists of an art director and animator. Though if the person is an expert in animation, he can animate and texture by himself, the art director will lead him in the right direction.
* To come up with concepts and creative ideas, omega render always has at hand a scriptwriter and a creative team that accompanies the animator throughout the process of animation creation.
* Omegarender studio uses mov video format that is an expanded full version of video format, higher in quality and larger. We also work with mp4 that provides high-quality videos maintaining relatively small sizes.

The workflow of architectural 3D animation services in Omegarender
Architectural animation is a complex and challenging process that requires great expertise and a bigger number of corrections and amendments. Below you can get acquainted with our main steps of work with our clients:

1. Collection of materials
At the beginning stage, we gather from the client all necessary materials, drafts, plots, approximate scenario. Our animation team helps the customer generate ideas and create an engaging storyline. . Script presentation
Then we provide a scenario of the event sequence with approximate timing and discuss all essential details. If the client wants to make some changes in the scenario, we prefer to make them before the work starts. It’s much easier to make animation knowing we are on the right path. . Story-board
On completing the first round of revisions, we provide a client a storyboard that is a visual presentation of the script. The storyboard consists of a screenshot sequence that is on grey material (clay render). At this stage, we pick out the music which is the most favorable for the video. Storyboard gives a comprehensive understanding of the composition and moving around the facility. It’s a powerful tool to avoid misunderstandings with the client, as all the vision of the animated video is in front of him/her. . Animatic
Once the storyboard is approved, we work on an animatic that is a so-called animated storyboard with music, sound effects, dialogues, and conveyed timing. It’s like a blueprint of your animated video that helps clients see a rough cut of the future video and make some changes before moving to the next stage. The client then takes a look and says what is needed to be changed and confirms the animatic. . Style Renderings (Drafts)
On approving animatic, we present a color render to see how it will look like in materials. At this stage, omega render can provide a company with static images for the presentation, as they’ve already generated for future animation. . Final Draft
When the client has made another round of iterations after the style rendering and is satisfied with the result, we move to the final draft. It’s crucial to take into consideration all the client’s requirements and make all necessary modifications before sending the final draft to the render farm. . Post-production
After giving the final draft to the render farm, the client just needs to wait for a high-quality appealing animation. The animator should make all modifications before sending the material to the farm. For that reason, we discuss every little detail at each stage scrupulously in order not to have misunderstandings afterward.

We are using render farm as it is powerful and less time-consuming than using other servers. The price on the render farm can differ depending on what lies in the scene. For instance, scenes with reflecting surfaces, mirrors, and simulations like wind blowing the trees will be more expensive than scenes without those effects.

The cost of architectural animation services
As in each rendering project, the price of 3d architectural animation services differs depending on a range of factors, the same as with animation projects. The following issues are taken into account when counting the cost of animation:

* Video dynamics. The more dynamic video is required, the higher the final price.
* Length of the video.
* The number of details.
* The complexity of the building design and quantity of rooms.
* The number of scenes and shots in the video.
* The overall atmosphere of the video.
* People’s presence in the animation.
* A number of iterations. Usually, there is one round of correction at each stage of a workflow.

These are the main factors that we consider before providing the quote of the animation. Omegarender always aims to make cooperation with our clients mutually beneficial. That’s why we approach the task both responsibly and with passion.

If you are looking for a vendor of architectural animation services or have any questions concerning architectural animation – feel free to write us at mail , and we’ll be pleased to help you.