1Do You Thing It Is Important To Have Faith Why Give Reasons To Support Your Answer 2Do You

1. Do you think it is important to have faith? Why? Give reasons to support your answer.
– Yes, I do. Because we can endure the hardship of life with faith. Faith makes us believe that there is still hope so that we won’t give up in life.

2. Do you think it was justified on Rancho’s part to consider the post office employees as a bunch of thieves?
– No, I don’t. Rancho shouldn’t be prejudiced and accuse others. Even though it was the post office employees who helped him, he wasn’t thankful at all.

3. Do you think Rancho did the right thing by asking god for help?
– Yes, I do. But, Rancho shouldn’t just ask and do nothing. Because prayer must be accompanied by efforts. And after that, if god has answered his prayer, he has to be thankful for that.

4. When people go through difficult times, they come out of difficult times stronger and more experienced. Do you think it is god’s way of empowering people to fulfill the life’s purpose on earth? Give reasons to support you answer.
– Yes, I do. Because with trials, we can see one’s effort in facing the trials that befall, whether they strive or give up.

5. What do you think of Rancho? Do you sympathize with him and his family?
– I think Rancho is a patient man. Yes, I do. Even though his farm was destroyed, he didn’t give up easily because he has a strong faith.

6. Did you anticipate that the story would end like this? What were your thoughts about the ending?
– No, I didn’t. I think the ending is a plot twist. I thought Rancho would at least be grateful for what he got. Instead, he accused the post office employee of thieving.

7. We always pray to god asking for his help. Describe a time when you asked god for something but he answered your prayer in a way you had not anticipate. How did you feel? Were you happy the way things turned out to be?
– There was a time when I felt so hungry. I didn’t have any pocket money left. I prayed silently in my heart to god for some food. Then, when I was walking, I found money Rp5.000 on the road. At first, I had a doubt because it wasn’t my money, but because I was hungry I used the money to buy a chocolate for Rp2.000 and donated the rest into a charity box in the mosque. I felt so happy. Yes, I was. Because god has answered my prayer in the most unexpected way.

8. If you had a chance to rewrite the story, how would the story end? Write a new ending of the story!
– If I had the chance to rewrite the story, I would create a good ending where Rancho found out that it was the post office employee and the postmaster who had helped him in his difficult time. So, he will apologize for accusing them and also be grateful to them for helping him.