Technology That Improves Warehouse Efficiency

The main goal of nearly every warehouse is to continuously improve efficiency. An efficient warehouse is a profitable warehouse, after all. The quicker and safer the products can be moved throughout the different areas and loaded onto their respective freight transport trucks, the better. One tool that effectively improves warehouse efficiency is technology. Technology is constantly advancing and there are new advancements popping up all the time. Check out the top technology that improves warehouse efficiency.

Mobile technology
Mobile technology is one of the greatest advancements in warehouse communications technology. Before the advent of mobile technology, such as wearable devices, portable computer operators would have to leave their station many times a day to get order forms, print items, look up information, and move. Most warehouses are great in size and take a significant amount of time to navigate on foot. Mobile technology makes it so warehouse operators can print, communicate, stay informed, and more all from the comfort and convince of their own stations.

Secondary packaging machines
Secondary packaging machines are a newer technology that was adopted by major warehouses and is starting to make its way into smaller ones. Secondary packaging is an internal part of the distribution process. Products must be palletized and wrapped to stay safe and protected during freight shipping. All pallet wrapping used to be completed by hand; now, however, it is being completed by machines. There are plenty of reasons to use a shrink wrapper machine, the most important being increased efficiency as they can wrap much faster than humans can.

Digital signage
Digital signage is another underappreciated form of technology that truly changed the warehouse industry. Digital signage makes warehouses much more efficient, as communications are streamlined and instantaneous. Quick communication is key to an efficient and productive work environment in any setting, but especially in a warehouse setting with many large machines, moving parts, and delicate deadlines to meet. Digital signage allows warehouse managers to quickly communicate with their workers without having to waste time running thought the huge floor plan or driving to different areas. Digital signage truly transforms a warehouse’s efficiency.

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