Iran Khanoom

  • WordsPerwana Nazif
  • PhotographySasha Mongin
  • StylingDaniel Mirzapour
  • MakeupPriscka_mua

Chic in a nonconformist manner, 89-year old Iran Khanoom is a style icon for all ages with her unique silhouetted looks and print and texture mash-ups. Unlike New York’s fashion-favoring older crowd, Khanoom’s wardrobe doesn’t rely on outlandish or bright, nearly blindingly so, color palettes. The Iranian style star is known for her social media profile, Sweet Sixty, which documents her various looks that surpass any confining definitions. The newly minted fashion blogger and model moved to Paris three years ago to spend more time with her family. While Khanoom does not come from a formal fashion background, the socialite-now-influencer traveled often, citing her various trips and cultural experiences as the main influences of her style. Over email, we chatted with Khanoom about her thoughts on social media’s effects on fashion, ageism, and trends.

Can you tell me more about the story behind your fashion persona and Sweet Sixty?

Sweet Sixty started as a fun project to challenge the common belief that women over their fifties could no longer pull off styles that are not conservative.

How do you feel about Instagram (or social media) as a platform for fashion?
To me it’s all about a world with no limit and boundaries. [A world] where people can share their ideology and talent with each other. It’s all very exciting.

Do you have a background in fashion? What made you interested in fashion?
Not really, I used to dress up since I was very young. I married a diplomat and on different occasions we were invited to grand ceremonies. This was the time I was most excited to dress up. After the Iranian revolution things changed and obviously I have aged too!

I’m lucky because my grandson Daniel Mirzapour motivates me to be positive and to remain as fashionable as I have always been. I guess dressing up helps us to go through some of the most difficult moments of our lives. It helps you pretend that all is fine and this makes you feel like nothing is ever going to go wrong.

You moved to Paris three years ago to be with your family, how has living in Paris and living in Iran shaped your style?
Well one is very poetic and colorful, the other is very delicate and couture. I guess to have the chance to experience life between two very rich cultures unconsciously shapes your style.

Who are your fashion influences?
I don’t have one.

Any favorite fashion movements?
My favorite fashion movement in the Middle East is The Tehran Times blog. They manage to showcase the street style of youth in Iran and change the perception of many in the West.

How would you describe your style?
My style is all about me, very personal. I don’t choose a style or a direction, I go with whatever I feel could make my day. I think choosing a specific style limits you and that is not fun at all.

Does fashion see age?
Age is just a number when it comes to fashion

How do you dress yourself in the morning?
My morning is my comfort zone! I dress as comfortable as it gets, [although] my grandchildren think that I’m sometimes dressed a little too much and it doesn’t look too comfortable to them. But what can I do? I like to have my nails, hair and makeup done so in case someone came over, I [will] look appropriate.

What significant changes in fashion have you seen in your lifetime that you have been affected by?
Lack of quality and mass production can sometimes annoy me. It was more real before. Nowadays you feel like there is a lie beneath everything.

Do you think 2018 is an exciting time for fashion or that trends tend to be recycled?
I do not follow trends, it happens sometimes when I look trendy, but it happens naturally. Therefore, to me every year, every season is exciting!

Khanoom cites cultures ranging from Armenian to Russian as influences for her unique taste in fashion. Equally important, however, is the former socialite’s Iranian roots. An ultimately “self-expressive” definition for fashion, Khanoom defies any conventions, instead opting for a cross-cultural, playful style that is all her own.


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