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LAMMEH is a cultural solutions and advisory practice, focused on elevating the stories of Middle Eastern culture on a local and global stage.

We represent the endless possibilities that arise when we build a community around homegrown creatives. Headquartered in Dubai, our mission is to conceptualize, create and manage cultural collaborations and initiatives that inform and engage audiences around the world. We will introduce the Middle East to itself again, as we connect with people with novel businesses, big ideas, friendly faces and a plan for the future.

Armed with our passion for research, we have developed a platform for new ideas, solutions and ways of thinking that is translated both offline and online. Highlighting offbeat subjects from a unique and distinctive perspective, LAMMEH is the essential encyclopedia of regional talent and visual stories. As well as online publishing, LAMMEH is a video and on demand platform that translates storytelling and research into well-crafted video renditions. Always striving for the unconventional, LAMMEH highlights the hidden gems of the region through high quality visual content.

Taking these initiatives offline, LAMMEH will also produce a yearly physical compilation of stories in the form of a magazine, as well as hosting two events a year celebrating culture, design, art and fashion from the Middle East’s most innovative creatives.

It’s more important now than ever to tell the stories of the region

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The Fashion Edit

Will support regional designers, giving them a platform to display works and connect with each other.

The Cultural Edit

An activation that focuses on highlighting the dynamic culture of the region through innovative experiences.


Will support regional designers, giving them a platform to display works and connect with each other.


The Library provides a non-commercial space for people to participate in book clubs, take part in design talks.

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