Lammeh examines design in different forms, today a host of contemporary designers are drawing on tradition for inspiration across a variety of creative disciplines. From Fashion, architecture, furniture as well as product design, we highlight the individuals and their evolution of regional design practices.

Arwa AlBanawi

Arwa Al Banawi is a hardworking Saudi fashion designer who believes that fashion chose her and not the other way around

Faissal El Malak

Faissal, a Palestinian fashion designer in Dubai who has a brand that creates mainly women’s ready to wear

Basma Abu Ghazaleh

“The woman defines my brand, that wears the brand, she’s someone that doesn’t take fashion too seriously, she is effortless in the way she dresses

Feryal Al Abbasi

Feryal, a working mother who has her own workshop that is dedicated to creating and designing outfits that are effortlessly stylish,

By Laha

Three Emirati successful women are behind the success of ByLaha, which is a brand that designs unique Abayas for women. Hamda Abbas, Sara Mustafa, and Zainab Al Shaikh

Raghad Al Ahmad

Born and raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Raghad Al Ahmad creates collages that are placeless, that disregard time and order. Mermaids live amongst fish-riding children in the galaxy, faceless men and women shoot bow-and-arrows and read books atop magnified tree leaves. Over the past five years, the dual interior designer and artist has garnered a cult following for her whimsical and fairytale-like collages. More recently, she’s begun hosting ‘experience’ nights, where other Jeddah-dwellers can immerse themselves in small-scale, collage-making events.

 If your work made digitally or by hand? 

I started working digitally five years ago and now I feel like I love working with paper – the manual part – collecting old magazines, cutting them. But it’s really up to me and my mood. Both have benefits and unique parts to them. Digital is fast, you can alter the pictures you work with in different ways, change colors and play around with them, the copyright is easier. But the manual collage-making side has its surprise element. You never know what you’re going to create until you finish the whole image.

 In your collages, there are a lot of women and galaxy imagery. What are some of the themes you see across your work and why are they there? 

What I create depends on the people I see and things I get inspired by. I can see a person and imagine them as a sunflower for example – I have this very visual side of me. I can see people as colors, too. What I make doesn’t have to be a specific thing or theme, it’s what I like. I love what i do. You know when you do something over and over and its become part of your blood and body and you walk with it. Collage is like an extension of myself.

Rawdha Thani

When Rawdha Thani paints, she finds refuge at the small, scratched and paint-dribbled white table stationed in her bedroom corner. Here, where she works with headphones in and music on shuffle, Rawdha not only creates art but processes her emotions. It’s like a visual therapy. ‘Instead of naming my paintings, I focus on an emotion I’m feeling during that period or moment when I’m creating art and I paint how it makes me feel – it’s like I try to visualize what those feelings are on canvas,’ she explains. Mainly working with with acrylic paints, Rawdha’s work incorporates a lot of geometric shapes and is heavily focused on light and shading to create and explore depths in her two dimensional practice.

Rawdha is protective of her practice, despite having exhibited her paintings at the Sikka Art Fair once before. She doesn’t share her work online or promote herself, but she is okay with that. ‘Over the past few years I’ve learned how to be more confident about sharing my work, but also how to be okay with feeling the need to create work that is for myself only and not to share with the world.’ However, there is a project that she’s developing that is brewing in the background. ‘I’m launching a product that I’m hopefully launching in the next few months,’ she gleams, unwilling to offer up any further information. Holding a bachelor’s degree in interior design from Zayed University, Rawdha also designs products.

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